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Villas dr passo multifamily investment opportunity.


HOUSTON, TX -  Piney Point South Submarket

A Reg D 506(c) Opportunity to participate in the acquisition of a Houston Multifamily property with significant cash flows, upside, and amazing tax benefits.

In addition, as an accredited investor through the Birchstone Wealth Fund, you'll be able to enter at a minimum of $25,000 investment vs. the $100,000 minimum that the sponsor is requiring.

Bar Down Investments, the sponsor, is excited to present their latest opportunity: Villas Del Paseo Apartments in Houston, TX.  This 384-unit, Class B, Garden-Style apartment complex is just 10 minutes west of downtown Houston, Texas.

If you're interested in reserving a spot in this deal (reserving a spot does NOT commit you to invest, it just guarantees you a space if you choose to invest), click on the RESERVE button on the right-hand side of this page. 

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All Birchstone Wealth Fund (BWF) investors will be allocating slices of investment capital for placement into the Villas Del Paseo opportunity using the BWF investment platform.

Before committing, all Investors will have an opportunity to review, and accept, both the risk factors and terms of the Birchstone Wealth Fund as well as the asset level offering documents for Villa Del Paseo upon logging in to the Birchstone Wealth Fund Portal to the right.

Any questions, please contact Mark at mark.rios (at)

If you would like to set up a call to discuss this offering in more detail, click here:

* Note that reserving a spot does not guarantee a subscription in this investment.


Asset Level:

  • Preferred Return to LP investors of 6%
  • Asset level split 70% LP / 30% GP to 16% IRR
  • 50/50 Split above 16% IRR
  • 3 Year projected hold
  • GP side committing over $1m to deal
  • GP signing on recourse loan provisions if needed


BWC Fund Level:

  • 85/15 split after return of investor capital
  • $25,000 minimum investment!
  • Special Offer: Birchstone Wealth takes no Asset Management Fees for 24 months on investments over $100,000 (normally 2% of committed funds)


  • USD
  • Self Directed IRA
  • Solo 401k


Bar Down Investments currently holds over 700 units in the Houston market. Founded by Ashley Wilson and Jason (J) Scott, their mission is to offer best in class properties that become the beacon of their communities they serve. You can find more info at Bar Down Investments


* for BWC Investors only - Asset level minimum investment is $100,000

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Villas del paso houston investment opportunity.