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Empowering Investors with Choice in the New Economy

The Birchstone Wealth Fund is a custom 506(c) fund of funds offering accredited investors curated, risk-adjusted passive investment opportunities. Choose to place your funds in a wide mix of vetted offerings giving you the ultimate in control, flexibility and diversification.

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Real Estate

Passive Limited Partnership investments into commercial real estate with vetted, experienced operators. Multifamily, office, retail, debt and equity available.

Private Equity

Angel investing, venture capital and small business acquisition opportunities target niche industries such as real estate verticals, tech, medical and life sciences. 

Web3 and Blockchain

Blockchain investments as well as Decentralized Financed Applications (DeFi) allow investors to dollar cost average into the space without the risk or volatility of trading.

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Unmatched inflation hedged diversification.

Investors choose which deals they want to invest in

Deal segregated funds invest in custom tailored opportunities that are pre-vetted and usually offered at a premium... generating upside to investors that they may not receive anywhere else.

Passive Limited Partner Ownership
The fund invests passively in opportunities, avoiding the time and hassle of managing real estate, companies or mining equipment
Larger Investment Pool Increases Purchasing Power
The fund invests larger amounts, way above the typical investment minimums allowing for negotiated terms that are better than individual investors might get.
Increased Diversification
The customized and deal segregated nature of the fund means that investors can allocate funds on a deal-by-deal basis rather than being forced to invest in any one opportunity. 
Increased Liquidity
Unallocated investment funds remain safely on account in the secure portal until another investment opportunity arises. Unallocated funds can be withdrawn at any time. This offers unmeasured liquidity difficult to find in most passive investments.

5-Steps to Easily Get Started with Hands-Free Investing

Birchstone's deal-segregated wealth fund is a new type of investment allowing you fund your capital account and allocate amounts from your account into deal "slices" when you are ready to invest. This allows you to have the ultimate flexibility into which deals you want to invest in, resulting in a highly diversified portfolio.

Step 1 - Log In

• Create Your Username and Password
• Verify your accredited status

Step 2 - Browse

• Review different investment types
• Analyze and compare different asset classes

Step 3 - Due Diligence

• Review Executive Summary and Operating Agreement
• Consult your legal and accounting professionals

Step 4 - Fund Investment

• Reserve your investment amount via the Soft Commit process
• Allocate money from your fund account into deal slices

Step 5 - Track Results

• Use your dashboard like your stock brokerage account
• Gain visibility into your investment performance
• Receive detailed monthly and quarterly updates
View Current Opportunities
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Benefits of Alternative Investing
with the Birchstone Wealth Fund

Alternative Investments
Pursue compelling returns while limiting your exposure to market volatility
Strategic Placement
Leverage our strategic relationships and ability to get premium pricing with your investment capital
Exclusive Access
Gain access to institutional quality opportunities in a variety of asset classes via debt, equity and hybrid positions
Cutting Edge Platform
Track your investments and manage liquidity through our innovative investor portal and platform
Tax Efficient Investments
Passive LP ownership slices offer tax write offs and favorable depreciation offsets
Layered Due Diligence
Invest in pre-vetted transactions utlilizing our operational and underwriting experience